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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Highlights and Photographs‏

Monday: Shopping trip to the Florida Center aka mini America. But really, the mall looked like it came straight out of the U.S. Also we got to start our evening lessons by seeing the most beautiful Rainbow that I have ever seen. You should have seen our reaction when we walked out of our apartment and saw it. It was as if we had never seen a rainbow in our lives before. Like kids waking up on Christmas.
Tuesday: I got to spend the night with Hermana Blanca Nieves or if you prefer, Hermana Morra (we did divisions). She is the best Peruvian missionary that I have ever met. We definitely had our share of adventures and we also got to teach so many loves that I am actually quite jealous that she gets to teach.
Wednesday: After our zone reunion that we had in San Miguel (my old sector), I snuck over to see Marita since I was in the area. Of course it was a huge surprise for her to see me, but I’ll never forget the smile that she gave me when she first saw me standing in the doorway. Absolutely priceless. I miss that funny little love. Xox And to make the day even better, we got news that the mail strike is finally over! I got mail. Yess (there is really nothing better).
Thursday: Hermana Leavitt and I decided to finally start knocking on doors to find investigators. We met some very interesting people to say the least. We made some games up that made the time go by fast.
Friday: The hermanitas from the MTC came out with us. I spent the day with Hermana Earl. Even though she couldn’t speak a word of Spanish, we found a lot of miracles, one including our new golden investigator- Marco. He is awesome! He has a bunch of tattoos all over his body (including on his head…OUCH!) and he told us that he wished that he never marked up his body. Because in the bible he read about how our bodies are temples. Also, he is a musician.
Saturday: I played Sleeping Beauty at a member’s house while my querida Hermana Leavitt went out and taught our golden investigator, Marco. It was a huge bummer for me but I was excited to hear that the lesson went really well! Marco was so excited to receive the Book of Mormon and to start reading it.
Sunday: I got to speak at church and Hermana Jasmine made a surprise visit! Double blessing. Then I spent the rest of the night in bed. My immune system just crashed this week. Say a little prayer for me!
xox, Hermana Sleeping Beauty....I mean Hermana North
picture 1: On a happy High

picture 2: Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

picture 3: Rainbow!

picture 4: notice the purple corn...SO COOL!

picture 5: Our friends from the Feria. Loquitos

picture 6: The signs that we made for our table at the feria :)

picture 7: Hermanita Rosa. She makes her own home decorations

picture 8: Hermana Morra. She wears bows in her hair and her name is Blanca...just like Blanca Nieves

picture 9: Happy Zone!

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