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Monday, November 11, 2013


This week was super fome (Note from Danny: "Fome" in Chile means "Sucky" or "lame") teaching wise, we got destroyed, all because we got super sick. My lovely compañera has the brilliant idea to eat berries off of a wild tree in the street. I asked her if it was safe and after she persuading assured me that it was okay and completely normal, or in her own words, “They’ll wash off in our stomachs,” I believed her and tried some. Yes, I’m that person whose picture shows up in the dictionary when you look up the word “gullible.” The next day (plus two days after that) we were both sick in bed with fevers, nausea, fatigue and REGRET. Never again will we wash strange berries in our stomachs; even if they were delicious.
We got sick at the end of our week, but at the beginning of our week, we had our very first divisions. My hija went to another area and I got to spend the day with a sweet hermana from Utah- Hermana Tuttle (with a Spanish accent it is pronounced “Toot-le”…how unfortunate. Haha!) Our day together started out in the back of a cop car…well actually it started out on the micro first. We were on our way to teach some families that live in a pueblo called Valle Navado. The problem was that I have only ever been there once in my life (and that was when we had our tour guides, aka the elders, with us) so of course we got off on the wrong stop. We started walking and walking and walking when I finally realized that we were lost. Oops! Luckily for us there was a cop car pulled off to the side of the road so we asked them for directions. Supposedly we had gotten off way earlier that I had thought, but luckily for us they offered us a ride. After thinking about if we should take the offer, or if we were even aloud to ride by ourselves with them, I finally justified it for the sake of our investigators that were waiting for us in Valle Navado. Plus, it was a teaching opportunity!
When we got out of the car (we laughed at how funny the whole situation might have looked to people driving past us- two mormom missionaries getting out of a cop car…) we started our quest for lunch. That day we had to buy lunch for ourselves because we had interviews with President Cook. We had no idea how hard it was going to be to find lunch. Since it was past lunch time, every place had already sold all of their food! Finally we say a sign of a restaurant that sold churascos and completos…but OF COURSE, when we got there the owner was just leaving to buy food for the night. He told us that they open at 7pm (and it was only 3 o’clock). Sadly we walked away and I just so happened to step in dog poop- GROSS! I turned to Hermana Tuttle and said, “Herman Reyes once told me that its good luck when you step in dog poop.” We just laughed and literally the next moment the owner of the restaurant drove by and said, “Hey! I’m going to cook for you guys. Come over!” The poop worked! They guy was so awesome. He opened up his cute little restaurant just for us. And they food was esquisito. The Best part of that was that he told us that he wants us to come back to teach him and his family. They are very creyente evangelical members but they are open to hearing more about our beliefs.
During my studies this week, I was reading in a lovely book from the church library called “our search for happiness,” by Elder Ballard. Something super awesome that stuck out to me was a section that explained the godhead- “We believe in God the Eternal Father, and in his son, Jesus Christ, and in the Hold Ghost.” All three of the members are essential and important in each of our lives, but so many times, I think that we neglect the equally important role that the Holy Ghost has in our lives. The book taught that the mission of the Holy Ghost is to testify of truth, particularly as it relates to the Father and the Son. It’s simple and obvious right? But then it went on to explain something beautiful that, I consciously, never really realized:
“If we believe in God with all of our hearts, it’s only because that significant truth has been confirms upon our souls through the power of the Holy Ghost. If we love the Lord, it’s because the Hold Ghost has moved upon is and spiritually introduced us to His eternal reality and condescending grace.”
I’ve always know and taught that it is through prayer that we can communicate with our Heavenly Father. Through our studies of the Savior and our personal use of His infinite atonement, we can know who Jesus Christ is, BUT in all of those action, the Holy Ghost is the one who works to bring us to an understanding of all things (John 16:26). It is the force that allows us t feel Gods love (Galatians 5:22-23), so that we can love His back. Only through the Holy Ghost can we progress as children of God, in our relationship with our Heavenly Father and brother, Jesus Christ and everything else! The Holy Ghost is so essential, as is God and Jesus Christ. So we should pay more attention to the promptings that we feel from him and take the time to learn more about him too. He’s important!
            Oh and a little piece of exciting news…Ahemm…PRESIDENT JEFFERY R. HOLLAND, of the quorum of the twelve apostles, is coming this week (tomorrow) to speak to us and all of the other missionaries here in Santiago. We could not be more excited to hear his inspired counsel for us and this area. I’ll keep you guys posted on that lovely event- STAY TUNED!
Xoxox, Hermana North
picture 1: Rincon de Mana- the restaurant that we ate at

picture 2: Ive never had a churasco that tasted to good before...YUM

picture 3: Zumba class outside of our window...totally took advantage of the class while Hermana Reyes slept.

picture 4: Back to work! It made us happy even when people never opened their doors

picture 5: the custest dog...i'm still in love with the dogs here

picture 6: We lived off of Jello for a while

picture 7: The custest little, best friend, funny face making, chilean babe- Domi

picture 8: I was amazando the dough for empanada and made a heart...without even realizing it! So RAD

picture 9: Tree climbing on Sunday afternoon

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