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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Miracle Theif‏

God gave me a Rip-off miracle this week…but before I mention the details of that funny/ lame moment I have to tell you guys about our new friend, Orlando aka Don Suave. On Friday night, we were waiting at the bus stop and an old man, who has problems walking and can barely talk, came up to us and started telling us jokes. He was super social and even though I could barely understand him, he really made me smile. I told him some jokes back and after a little while, everyone that was waiting at the bus stop started a mob of joke telling. Anyways, so when the bus that Orlando was waiting for came he got onto the bus and before the door closed he turned and said, to Hermana Reyes and I, “Do me a favor…Forget about me.” Then he blew us a kiss, winked, and the bus left. Haha! You gotta love the old Chilean men.
So about that rip-off miracle…before we got to the bus stop, I had been praying to Heavenly Father for a way that I could ride the bus without having to rob them. Here in Chile, all of the metros and micros run off the “BIP” system. You buy a card with bus money on it and every time you ride, you swipe that card, it makes a “Beep” noise and you ride to your destination. BUT, because we had travelled so much this week, my card ran out and I had no way of recharging it with money. When the bus came I took a chance and swiped my card and guess what? That glorious “Beep” noise sounded! ABSOLUTE MIRACLE! Hermana and I were absolutely shocked because my card had no money on it and it went through. I was so excited about what had just happened that when I sat down, I turned around and started telling the man behind me what had just happened. I told him that it was a miracle and that God heard my prayers. Then he kind of just laughed at my enthusiasm and said, “Well, that’s because after 9PM the micro lets you borrow money if you don’t have any on your card. Then when you go to recharge it, it takes out what you borrowed.” AH! Hearing this made me feel like I was reliving that moment when my parents told me that Santa Clause wasn’t real all over again! HE ROBBED MY MIRACLE! And more or less, helped me out of my ignorance.
We found two new GOLDEN investigators this week, Georgina and Margarite. It was so refreshing to hear them both express their NEED for this message in their lives; to know if the Restoration really happened. They asked questions that surprised both Hermana and I, but we are so grateful to know that the Lord has so many people prepared to not only hear this gospel, but accept it! As for the Vera family, sadly we haven’t been able to see or teach them. Jexis and Rodolfo are still amazing; we just have to help them recognize all of the answers that God has been giving them to their prayers. And as for us, We have been praying every morning before going out that the Lord will help us cope with the heat- It is getting hotter and hotter every day, but I cant complain, because at least with the sun comes my tan ;)
xoxo, Hermana North
Happy Wedding to Kiley and Danny this weekend! I am so excited for them. My heart just keeps melting more and more, thinking about their new life together. 
picture 1: Terere- my companion is teaching me to be Argentine

picture 2: Puppy Love. 

picture 3: the chaos after our studies

picture 4: Tracting with our love Hermana Yessy

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