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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Flying Time, Time to Fly, Time is Flying‏

Time surely does fly when you are having fun! How did a whole entire change already fly by? I feel like Hermana Leavitt and I just became companions and now she is only hours away from her flight back to California.  We had the best time together and I am so grateful that I even just got one change with her. We saw so many miracles in the short time that we had together. Unfortunately I only ever wrote in my journal like 10 times while we were together…because we talked way too much. We tried making the goal to write together on my bed at the end of the night but usually after about the first 2 minutes we would be reminded about something that happened in the day and then go off on a tangent until bedtime. So the most unforgettable time of my mission was left unwritten…but I guess that’s good then that it was unforgettable because supposedly that means that I won’t forget about it. Ha ha. It was great. Yesterday at church, everyone was asking me how I felt about having changes and asking me about my new companion. I told them that I was sad because I was going to really miss my love Hermana Leavitt  (she’s my best friend) and Hermana Orellana told me that if I didn’t like my new companion that I could fake sick and go to her house and she would take care of me. Ha ha! It made me laugh but it also made me feel more relaxed about the changes because it was just a reminder to me that I don’t have to worry or feel alone. With how much we have been able to work with the ward and the Hermanas I have been able to feel so at home in this ward- they are my family. What a blessing to have that because we all know by now how much I really don’t like change, even if it helps us progress. And even though I feel a piece of me is gone, I have a new adventure to take on now with my new companion- Hermana Earl. She is from Morgan, Utah. I don’t know too much about her yet, but she is very sweet and is a hard worker. That’s good enough for me for now.
                So because it was Hermana Leavitt’s very last week, we had the opportunity to go to the temple and spend time with President and Sister Cook- my other favorites. We also had a lot of last minute things to do so it was a loaded week. Although, not as crazy as I would have imagined. The Lord blessed us with a great week and lessons. At the beginning of the week we were able to visit with Monica. She told us again of how grateful that she was that we have been visiting her and giving her an extra boost to go back to church. She has been able to note a difference in her days as she reads the scriptures daily and prays. On Sunday she came to church for the first time in 2 years! It was so exciting to see her there. All of the Hermanas of the ward went up to her to hug her and I heard her tell them, “The lost sheep has found its way back into the fold.” She melted my heart. We also had a super great lesson with Juan about the sacrament. He had been getting to church late these past couple of weeks so we decided to motivate him to get there on time by talking about why it is so important for us to partake of it each week. We read the sacrament prayer with him and he committed to getting to church on time to be able to receive the blessings of the sacrament. Because his baptism was such a special day for him, he was also really grateful to have it as a reminder of the promise that he made with God. We also explained to him that once he received the priesthood, that he would be able to bless the bread and water on Sundays. When Sunday came around, He showed up in his suit and tie, on time and with a huge smile on his face. He told me that he had been practicing the sacrament prayer so that he could be prepared to bless the sacrament the next week! Again, my heart melted.  Then towards the end of our week, we met with a new investigator that we found knocking on doors a couple weeks ago. It’s a cute little family. Joseline and Andres and their little, Branjelli (4 years old). When we got there Joseline told us that she had been waiting excitedly all week for us to come and teach them. She said that they had been praying every day and that we need to start coming over more than once a week. (I’m down!) She even offered to give us lunch on Thursday. I love it when we meet people who are so prepared to receive the gospel. Who recognize how important it is- I’ll be sure to fill you guys in on these loves as they continue to progress.
                Hermana and I learned and taught a theme this week- Obedience. It was just what everyone seemed to need to hear. I learned something really interesting about this; that the reason that we have commandments to follow in life is because God wants us to be happy. Obvious right? So if we know this, then why do we make justifications in being disobedient to His will? God will never justify our disobedience, because he knows of how happy we will be if we obey. And He will never rob us of even just a small part of that happiness.  It’s that simple. We as humans are constantly making mistakes in the decisions that we chose to make. This happens because we cannot truly see the potential of who we can become and what we can have in life- Eternal Life.  The Spirit taught me a lot about this topic. Even though I am a missionary, there are always things that I can be better in, obviously. It motivated me to do better this week and to keep Gods perspective in my decisions.
I hope that you guys are finding those little things in life to make you smile.
Life is good. My last 12 weeks as a missionary start now. Oh Boy! When did that happen?
Xoxox, Hermana North
Pictures from Juan's Baptism Week:
picture 1:  Pancake breakfast with our Elders

Picture 2: All of us

Picture 3: A completo place named after me...or at least Danny's nickname for me

Picture 4: Look at all of the support he had to be ready for this day

Picture 5: He's perfect. Nothin beats that smile

Picture 6: The most perfect fairy tale family. I wanna be just like them when I grow up!

Picture 7: I love this picture! There are beautiful parts in the city, sometimes.

Picture 8: I may have an obsession with the sky. It's the result of walking arounds in the streets all day, every day.

Picture 9: The day before His baptism. We caught him shinning his shoes for the big day! 
Pictures from this week:
Picture 10: 50cm of yumminess. You better believe that I ate it all. The trick was just not to talk or take pauses- Hermana Leavitt and I struggled with that. haha

Picture 11: Pink and Purple skies

Picture 12: Our possy

Picture 13: The ward surprise party for Hermana Leavitt's last Saturday

Picture 14: Familia Casares

Picture 15: Our faithful companion- Evelyn aka Hermana South 

Picture 16: Lucas Orellana- the cutest little chilean boy that looks chineese

Picture 17: My last moment with my favorite companion

Picture 18: CALIFORNIA street. I wish it actually was California. The best is when people ask us where we are from and we could just say, "We are from California"- So united...but really, in everything.

Picture 19: I didnt actually ride it but it was fun to walk around with Hermana Orellana's bike

Picture 20:  Temple date

Picture 21: Hermana Maria Soto (Now you guys finally have faces to put with my stories)

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