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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Vaca Flaca

Happy “Skinny Cow” season (Yes, I am still talking about cows). Winter has officially made its way over here which equals hibernation for everyone…minus the Mormon Missionaries aka: Us. Everyone tells us, “What are you doing outside? It is freezing.” Really? Because I thought that shivering was a reaction from the warm weather slash Yeah, I know, so let us in your house! Ha ha. I swear, it has never been so hard to get out of bed in the a.m., than now, and staying in the hot water of the shower for an extra five more minutes has become a new tradition. Also, I’ve found a new talent of mine- slipping on my bum down the stairs and running into bare tree branches. I’ve got some gnarly bruises and scrapes to show for it. If I keep going at this rate, I’ll be coming home in two pieces. Heaven Help me! I need all of the grace that I can get. But at least the mountains are looking lovely, covered in snow and all, and my rain boots are feeling the love (best invention ever by the way).
Well, we have been having really lovely experiences in teaching all of our loves here in Poeta Neruda. This week we took an approach of “out with the old, in with the new.” We want to see our loves progress and make changes to change their lives. So for those who do not want to make those changes now, we decided to move on. No hard feelings at all…we just know how important everyone’s time is. So for those who are ready to make changes in their lives, now, we have been able to see miracles with them through the small and simple things.  
In sacrament meeting yesterday, Nancy kept on commenting to me about how peaceful she felt. We have been trying to help her 1- receive a confirmation of the Truth and 2- quit smoking (before she smoked 20 cigarettes a day and now she is on 5 a day). And yesterday’s meeting was the answer to all of our prayers. After the closing prayer was said and the piano music begun, she said, “This is THE true church.” That personal confirmation that she had will now, without a doubt, be her motivation to stop smoking and help her to overcome that vice. Three more weeks until her baptism! We are so excited!
So about those small and simple things, yesterday we had a meeting with Elder Viñas of the Seventy. He advised us along with the stake presidents of our mission that we need to apply better the Book of Mormon in our lives. Actually if I could sum up the whole meeting in a couple of phrases it would be this, “Grow up, Don’t be Dumb and Apply the Book of Mormon.” I seriously LOVED how straight forward he was. He confirmed a lot of things that I’ve been thinking these past months on the mission. People! So many times we make finding joy in life a super complicated quest to obtain; when really, it is so simple. God knows us perfectly, He looks at us with the potential that we can become and He wants us to grow into that. For that reason he has given us five easy steps to follow, and if done correctly we will grow joyfully. These five things are faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End. That’s it! And all of this starts with our personal relationship with God (It starts with us).  How do we obtain that? Through three easy actions: DAILY prayer, DAILY scripture study and WEEKLY church attendance. I know that this sounds kind of ridiculous or pathetic, but it’ really this simple. The reason that a person goes inactive or decides not to be baptized is not because they have stopped feeling the spirit but because they have stopped doing what the spirit indicates. Whenever I have been able to teach a love that is passing through a hard time, the hardship or sadness that they face is never actually caused by their experience or trial but it is caused by the fact that they are not doing anything to strengthen their spirit. The solution is always the same and it SIMPLY always comes down to, “Are they praying? Are they Reading? Are they Attending Church every week?”  When we live for Christ every day, we walk that much closer to our Salvation and our journey through life is joyful. No matter what challenges or obstacles come our way. So just do the little things in the way that Christ himself showed us, and then help others do the same.
Don’t be Dumb, Just Do it!
The Lord is Hastening his work. What an amazing time to be living. I hope that you guys are enjoying the wonderful blessings that are coming from that- I sure am! Keep on keeping me updated on your lives. I love hearing from Ya’ll.  
Cariño, Hermana North
Picture 1: Sopaipillas in the Rain

Picture 2: This Love is a trooper to come out with us in the FREEZING cold weather

Picture 3: Hermana Sara :)

 Picture 4: Rainy day with Fransisca

Picture 5: Joselin

Picture 6: A little part of our sector...look at the sky!

Picture 7: In Providencia with Earl. We bought little gifts for our loves

Picture 8: Temple trip- Hermana Orellana

Picture 10: all of our elders and our Bishop

Picture 11: Writting on our window

Picture 12: I got to go to the temple more than once this week! I love how it looks at night

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