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Monday, July 14, 2014

Likely Joys (7/07/2014)

So this week I had a few more problems with my health. I was excited for a second because I was going strong in the health department for a whole change…I even started bragging to people about how I went a whole change without getting really sick. Supposedly I spoke too soon. I spent my birthday in bed and later in the week, after visiting the doctor, I found out that I have stomach ulcers- likely. On the plus side, that means that I have to eat healthy now. My ward is amazing and they have been changing their menus to fit my new diet. They are seriously the best. So don’t worry (ahemm, mom), my mama’s here in Poeta are taking lots of care of me. I am so blessed.
Aside from the bad news with my health, I have been holding on to the miracles of this week to get me through everything. We are seeing so many of those “heart melting moments” here with our loves. Progress is taking off and so is our focus on the Temple. Well actually, I have always kept the Temple in mind in working with our loves. Not just focusing on baptism and going to church, but doing those things so that they can their booties into the Temple- where all of the magic begins. But this week we were able to see tangible effects from this focus. We went to the temple with our ward and guess who came for the first time in four years?? Katrina Caseres- One of our inactive loves that we have been working with for the past long time.  It is so exciting to see her progress and more especially the progress of her family. Her fairytale family is starting to warm up again. They came to church all together for the second time this week. It’s all about little steps People. And hopefully next month, we’ll be able to see the whole family in the temple. At least those are the plans for now.
We also had been praying a lot these past couple week for more help from the Hermanas in our ward in going out to do visits. I even made a wish on my Birthday cake for it. Our miracle this week with this was not only having new Hermanas come out with us for their first time but also our less active Hermanas come out with us. That’s a double whammy. Like I have always said, there is no other way to do this work than with the members. They never disappoint. And it is a blessing for all those who are involved. We had many sweet experiences this week where the Hermanas thanked us for asking them to come out with us. It was an answer to their prayers too. All I can say from those experiences is that God is so Aware.
I just wanted to end this little note with my simple testimony: I know that God lives and loves us. The gospel of Jesus Christ was designed by our loving Heavenly to fit into our everday lives. It is not something to add in or separate from our daily life, it is for our everyday lives. And as we follow it our lives are filled with joy- the thing that everyone longs for in life. 
Peace and Love People! Have a lovely week.
xoxoxox, Hermana North

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