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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Who knew that a Dog could...

Family and Friends!! How has your week been? I feel like I was just sitting here in this cafe writing to you about my first week! Time flies by so fast, I cant even believe it. I´ll be at two months on the 30th. Sometimes I can´t pay attention to how fast time has gone because I come to the same conclusion everytime...time disapears on the mission. Just like magic, or something!
This week was absolutely amazing! There are just so many wonderful people here in Chile. Also, I´m pretty sure that they receive Sister missionaries so much easier than the Elders. Being a girl is way better than being a boy. I knew that before but now it is totally obvious. Ha ha. Anyways, this week Hermana Fuentes and I were knocking on doors, aka yelling ´´Allo!´´ (Because here they have gates in front of their yards), and unfortunately for us, this day was one of those days where being an girl didn't matter too much. We weren´t having much success with talking to people, they kept telling us ´´I´m busy right now´´ or ´´Come back later´´. On top of that, it was really sunny and there was no shade, which made not getting into houses a little more discouraging. The awesome missionary that my lovely companion is suggested that we should say a prayer. I know, it sounds silly, I thought it was silly...such cliche missionary moment right? But having faith and knowing that the Lord could help us with this small thing, we prayed. Hermana Fuentes asked our Father in Heaven to lead us to someone who we can help. After the prayer, we knocked on a few more doors but no one answered any of them, so we just decided to head to our next appointment with our investigator Nilda. As we were walking, we walked by a house with the cutest dog ever! It was jumping up and down and NOT barking, which was a full on miracle in an of it´s self! Of course I had to stop to pet it. When I was petting it, it was so soft and so loving! I told me companion, ´´We have to knock on this house! I wanna play with this dog!´´ She laughed but because she loves me, we went up to the gated and called ´´Allo!´´ and that's where our little miracle came about. A lady named Alejandra, around 32 years old, came and opened the gate. We were talking with her and she was so sweet and really open to our message! We found out that she teaches at a Mormon Elementary school here in San Miguel called Liahona, so she knows about our church but she isn´t a member. She has three little kids between the ages of 3 and 7 and she has THE CUTEST DOG IN CHILE. I couldn't help but smile when we were talking with her! Thanking Heavenly Father, over and over in my heart, for answering our prayer. It is amazing to me that even the little things that we as of Him, He will always listen to us and help us. Even if it is just talking with someone so that we can feel Happy. I know that the Lord is so aware of us! He loves us and always will bless us, if we ask Him for those blessings. We are going to go meet with her and the Fam Bam tomorrow actually! I am so excited. I can not wait to get to know them better...and their cute dog!
Today was such a fun day. Our Zone all traveled to Brisas de Maepo, which is in the East Mission, for a super pretty hike. It was so much fun to get endorphins and enjoy some fresh air, but it was also a really hard hike! A lot of  people were struggling going up the mountain, but our zone is so awesome because we all were encouraging each other like ´´keep going! You can do it.´´ And I was thinking how that hike could relate so much to our faith as missionaries...Wow, that sounds like a direct quote from the Bachelor minus the missionary part. Sorry about that, I´ll stop now. But you guys get the point. Haha! Oh gosh, ´´You know you´re a missionary when...´´ Anyways, we all made food for a picnic and once we got to the spot, we all brought out the food and shared the LOVE (remember what I told you guys about the food here?) I love our zone so much! Everyone is so united and work really hard. We have seen so much success in our areas and the best is being able to help each other with ideas in teaching investigators as well as helping the members. 
I hope that you guys are all doing SUPER (a word everyone uses all of the time here) well! I so appreciate all of the letters and emails! Keep them coming. I loving hearing from back home!

Special shout out to my Mammasita! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cheeks. I love you so much! I will be thinking about you all day on Thurday! Make an extra wish for me. xoxox

1: They don't have these in California! My new obsession- The Metro

2: Reunited with Hermna Harper and Hermana Selk at the Greenie Reunion

3: The beginng of our hike, look at that lovely city smog behind us...FRESH AIR!

4:The Indiana Jones Bridge! You should have seen us so excited jumping up and down on that thing. Just like the inner 5 year olds that we are

 5: Wild horses that we came across. REAL nature, people

6: Empanadas! Yes, I made that one

 7: Nilda our investigator, ella es un amor

8: Empanada making for Noche de Hogar with the Araya Family

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