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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ghost Stories without the camp fire‏

This week came straight out of a scary movie. Not because it went bad, just because we experienced a lot of scary movie moments. Staring with getting lost in our sector- So we had planned to go visit some less active members in the ward, but when we got to the street, it was super dark, there was no sidewalk and there were no houses or buildings as far as the eye could see (which is super not normal for this city, there is never empty space, only tall buildings and houses). But we had an address and decided to take a chance and hope that we eventually ran into the apartment buildings that we were looking for. We walked about 2 miles until we finally found the apartments. YAY! So we walked into the apartment building and started walking up the stairs to the fourth floor…but the creepy part was there was no light AND it was super quiet. Hermana and I started freaking out so we ran super fast up to the fourth floor and finally found a light switch. When we went up to the door that we were looking for, there was a HUGE crucifix on the door. All we could think at that moment was, “Crap, our inactive member turned Catholic again!” But no worries, it ended up just being the wrong door, supposedly I can’t read my own writing. So finally just as we were about to knock on the right door, my phone rang and it was a lady from the ward asking us where we were because we were supposed to go visit teaching with her that night. It totally slipped my mind and we literally dropped everything and ran to meet her. But here is the part that Hermana Leavitt and I will never forget. When we finally got to the bottom of the stairs in that creepy, dark apartment building and as we went to go open the door and it was bolted closed!!!!! Well, not really bolted, but it was locked in a hard core way. We literally started screaming and banging on the door, “HELP!! We need to get out” (I’m telling you People, this week really was straight out of a scary movie). We looked everywhere for a way out but you needed a key to unlock the door. We knocked on a door and they pointed to a button that unlocked the door automatically. But it was so dumb because the button was on the exact opposite side of the room. How was anyone supposed to see that? And this time there really was no sign that said that. We finally got out to the apartment building and vowed never to go back again, unless the sun was out.
                This week we had the opportunity to meet with a new investigator, Carlos. We met him in the street on our first day here and finally went to go meet with him. When we got to his house, His dad, Carlos Sr., answered the door and told us that Carlos wasn’t home. But he still let us come in and teach him, which made us super happy. We got to hear his entire life story, from when he was a pilot for the Chilean Air force to now as a dad of three kids. But before we even said anything, he told us not to be scared if we see anything weird because there were ghosts in his house!! Hermana Leavit was freaking out on the inside, but I was so excited. Sadly we never saw any ghosts. ha ha. Carlos is atheist even though he said that he had a near death experience and saw the devil and saw a light that he thought could have been heaven. It was really interesting for me to hear all of this. I couldn’t understand how he could have an experience like this and not believe in God or at least in a Greater being. He told us that he had passed through so many terrible experiences that if a God really did exist, that he would not have let him or anyone else pass through those terrible times. This was super sad for me to hear. Yeah, there are really hard times in this life, but if we focus in all of the bad in this world, then we will never see all of the good, all of the miracles that God has given us. I told him, “How is there no God when you look at all of the beautiful creations in the world, when you see your family, etc.” The plan that God had for us when he sent us here on the Earth, was that it wouldn’t be easy, but it would be worth it. And all that He asked of us is that we believe in Him. Plant a little seed of faith and let Him help us understand His mysteries. Our lives may not be a fairytale every day, but it is a miracle and our Father in Heaven is a God of Miracles. I know that He lives; He had a body of flesh and bones just like you and me. He loves us and wants to bless us. We just need to believe in Him first.
                Here in Departmaental, we are so blessed with so many loving members and yummy food. Everyone cooks so yummy from pasta, to chicken, to casuela, vegetables, pizza, basalmic vinegar, ect. I’ve never loved food so much until I got to this sector. YUM! And also this week it rained, which means that we got to eat my favorite, sopaipillas pasadas. Come to Chile and try them!
                I hope that you guys have a great week! Try not to walk into any dark creepy apartments this week, totally not worth the adventure.
Xoxox, Hermana North

 Happy Bithday to my Daddy-O! I am sad that I wont be able to sing and eat pie with you but I will be celebrating all day on Saturday. xox

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