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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"Don't Panic"- Coldplay‏

I’m not gonna lie, this week has been super discouraging for me. My health only seemed to get worse and more constant this week. As each day passed by we were able to make less and less visits with our loves, until it was impossible for me to even get out of bed. The (mission) nurse told me that I just have to wait it out and keep taking Tylonol for the fever, which was not very encouraging to hear at all- I hate the waiting game, especially when time is so precious. But I cannot deny the many blessings that I do have, that have made it easier for me to get through this TRIAL. I’ve been counting them:
  1. I’m a missionary! I thank the Lord for that blessing every day. Even thought I don’t have the comfort of my own home and family while I have been sick, I have the comfort of the Spirit, and am learning to rely so much on that. It has taught me so much patience and trust in the Lord. It also taught me this week that, “The best place to pass through trials is on the mission.” There is no doubt in my mind of that TRUTH.
  2. My companion- Hermana Tadeo. She has reminded me time and time again to be patient and that it’s all okay; that the Lord is protecting our sector while we cant be present; that she can really use the extra study time, etc. She has made me countless jugos naturals (fresh juice) to pump me up with vitamins, banana shakes (just like you mom!) and peanut butter toast (because she knows how much I love peanut butter). She is also super funny, and I heard once that laughing is the best form of medicine. I am just so grateful for her.
  3. The scriptures- Do I have to say more? It’s amazing to me that the scriptures always have the answer to our personal situations, even thought they were written when the dinosaurs were on earth (well, not really but a super long time ago). I’ve come across some gems that have helped me keep the faith: 1 Nephi 9: 5-6, D&C 58: 2-4, 68: 6, 78:17-22.
  4. My new GOLD SPARKLY ballet flats- don’t laugh at this one. I’m being serious! When we went shopping for food last wednesday we passed the shoe isle and low and behold, my eyes caught onto the perfect shoes! And they only had one pair left in my size- God knew that they would cheer me up. Plus, they were only 8 dollars! You gotta love Walmart prices.
  5. Our loves- our members; our elders; our investigators. We have received lots of visits from the members in the ward to come cheer us up, bring us once (we still get fed even when we don’t leave the house), and just to keep us company. The elders have made sure to help us out with our investigators, have brought us our lunch every day and tell us jokes that are actually funny. And our investigators, well, while we haven’t been able to visit them in person, we have made sure to keep communication with them on the phone. It’s good to hear of their love and concern for us. And hearing that they miss us, well, makes my heart smile.
  6. Hermana Joseline and her family- We had a Noche de Hogar [Family Home Evening] with them on one of the days that I could still make visits. I was super down that day because I didn’t seem to be getting better and felt like I couldn’t give my 100% to the work. Just spending time with the family made me happy but, Hermana Joseline shared a video with us that gave me so much comfort (without even knowing how I had been feeling). It was the perfect reminder for me in that moment! Here is the link so that you guys can watch it-http://www.mormonchannel.org/video/mormon-messages?v=1289877050001
  7. My testimony- I’ve been reading through my journals, conference notes, and old blogs that I’ve written, this past week. Reading those memories have put a smile on my face and it’s reminded me that this experience is SO WORTH IT. I’ll never forget the wise words of Hermana King (my ex-mission mom), who told us, as she counselled us to keep a journal the very first day we got to Chile, “Knowledge carefully recorded will be knowledge in time of need.”
  8. All ya’ll back at home- your prayers, your letters, your love and your mere presence has given me strength, more than I can express. I love you guys so much! Thank you, really.
We’ll take it as a good sign that I could get out of the house today to come write you guys! I’ll be better soon. I hope that none of you guys are in the same sick boat as me. Have a lovely week and Happy March 10th to you all- it’s a beautiful day here in Chile. J
Un abrazo grande, Hermana North

disclaimer for mom: sorry, I literally only took one picture this week. But a picture is a picture! 
Picture 1: Hermana Betti and Hermana Gledys and the crazy little littles. They brought us queque, eggs del campo and a lovely message from the scriptures. Seriously the Best! We are so blessed.

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