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Monday, March 31, 2014

Pick Up The Telephone

This week Hermana Tadeo and I spent our time pumping all of our loves up for General Conference. Another one already! Can you believe it People?? Not like I am counting or anything, but in just 13 more days, everyone in the world will have the chance to hear messages from our Heavenly Father through the voice of his prophet, apostles and leaders. What an opportunity, if you have a question (gospel related or not), doubt, concern, unanswered prayer, etc., to receive personal revelation! This was the invitation that we gave to everyone here in Quimey: prepare for General Conference by writing down a question that they have and then attend conference (in 13 more days) to listen for their answer. I promise that it works and I even have proof:
                Remember my love, Cecilia? Well, last conference, in October, was her first time ever. She went prepared with a long list of questions and concerns that she has been having. At the end of all of the sessions (two hours, twice a day, Saturday and Sunday), she was super surprised to see that all of the questions that she had written down had and answer to follow. I remember specifically, standing in the stake center with her as she excitedly showed me her personal miracle. I also remember being surprised (but not really) that all of her very specific questions, too, had answers. For example, “How can I deal with my depression?” If you remember, Elder Holland (of the quorum of the 12 apostles) gave a talk specifically to those people who were dealing with “the extraordinary illness of major depressive disorder.” He gave comfort to those with this illness and also listed how to respond to the challenges that come along with depression. It just went to show that Heavenly Father is so aware of each one of His children’s needs. He speaks through His prophets and apostles today, just like He did in Moses’ and Noah’s time. And if we too take initiative to prepare for conference, not just showing up and hearing lovely messages, we will receive answers and a stronger testimony that God has a prophet here on the Earth today.
                As for the update on our new loves, this week we got to teach Javier for the first time. We got to his house one night this week and he was super busy putting up a tent in the patio of his house. We offered to help so that we could at least talk with him for a little bit. As we put up the tent we talked about prayer. He told us that he prays but that he only ever gives thanks. It surprises me of the amount of people that we meet here that don’t know that they can also ask for things in prayer. Javier didn’t really understand why it was that way because in his words he expressed to us, “What else do I need to ask for? God has given me everything.”  We agreed but also gave him better perspective by comparing it to his relationship with his own children. What if his kids never asked him for help? What if they never asked him for anything? How would he feel? A little light bulb went off in his head, as we explained that Heavenly Father is pleased when we give thanks, but he also needs us to ask him for things so that we can develop a personal relationship with Him. It’s a way of showing that we Trust him enough to go to Him for help; just like a child goes to their father. We haven’t been able to meet his family yet but this week is the week, I hope!
We also met another love, Juana. She was a reference that the Hermanas of another ward passed off to us. When we first got to her house she told us simply and straight to the point that she didn’t like our church and she didn’t like Mormons. I was surprised to hear this from her just because she let us into her house so easily, but at the same time I was grateful for her honesty. As we talked, we were able to understand her doubts and little bits of ignorance. It makes me happy to be serving a mission because even if we only plant seeds, through our examples and our testimonies, people can come out of their ignorance and actually learn what we “Mormons” believe. WE ARE CHRISTIANS TOO! At the end of our lesson, she told us that she had been lejos de Dios [far from God]. That she had been praying to God asking His to help her draw closer to Him. She told us, “There is no coincidence that you guys came to my house today.” Another surprise to hear. But that is just a testimony that the spirit works through the hearts of the people as we teach. This week we are going to teach her and her hubby. Yay for teaching families!
                I hope that all of you are just fine and dandy back at home. Keep on keeping me updated on your lives! I love hearing from you all.
Chao until next week!
Xoxox, Hermana North
p.s: Shout out to my Mamasita! Another birthday and another year! I love you so much. Eat and extra slice of pie for me. I’ll make sure to celebrate here with Hermana Tadeo. There is some riot that is going to be happening on the 28th (just for you!) so we are not aloud to go out that night = PARTY! Te amo :)

Picture 1: Cutting some wood with Sonia

Picture 2: So in love with this dog, Rudolf- the not so red nosed reindeer? haha 

 Picture 3: My linda little, Constancia

Picture 4:  My favorite part about teaching the primary kids are their sweet answers to our questions...for example: "Who can you share the gospel with?" Some said their friends, others their classmates...but our little Simmon said, "With my enemies." Thats the Spirit! I love their love :)

Picture 5: President gave us new DVD players that so happened to conveniently come with protective case that transforms into a backpack...we put on the Restoration movie for all to see as we walk and walk and walk. (just kidding...we didnt acually do it...but it was a good idea)

 Picture 6: Making a mess with Mailen

Picture 7: kitchen Aid mixers don't exist here on the mission...we used our own muscles to beat the egg whites.

Picture 8: We legitimately celebrated Mom's birthday. Singing and making wishes and all of that jazz.

Picture 9: Happy birthday queque for my linda mumsy

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