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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dance in the Rain

Wow! Where do I even begin with the details of this week. So much has happened! But let’s go in order so that it’s not so confusing, starting with General Conference this week! I have only one thing to say: Our general authorities are such spiritual bosses. Okay, that’s not actually the only thing that I wanted to say, but how true is that? I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am for the opportunity to have the guiding words of such inspired leaders. I felt just the peace that I needed, as did all of our loves that came.
                There were many favorite talks on my part, but one of my most favorite (from my most favorite apostle) was President Uchtdorf’s on Sunday morning. He talked about how we can turn our bitter life experiences into sweet and even joyous opportunities. This talk hit home for me because as you people have known, I have been passing through a rough patch in my health. It can be really discouraging, and especially as a missionary. At times in our lives we don’t understand why we have to pass through the trials that we are faced with, and it might even seem unfair while we are passing through them, but the nice thing to remember in those rough times is that we have a loving Heavenly Father who knows exactly why. He knows the beginning from the end. He knows that it’s hard for us. He even knows that we don’t understand His reasoning.  But He also knows that those experiences can and will work for our good if we face them in the right way. It’s so necessary that we pass through trials in our lives. BUT, Elder Uchtdorf taught us that our trials can be sweet; they don’t have to be bitter. So how can we make our trials sweet? By being grateful! How true this is. I know it because that is exactly what I did as I faced (and will continue to face) my terribly long trial of health.  He taught us that so many times, giving thanks seems to be the trend after we have faced our experience…but why not during? The Lord requires our gratitude in the rough times of our life just as He does in the good times. And if we can learn to be grateful in the hard times, I promise you that it won’t seem so hard. The Lord is so generous! If we recognize His blessings in our lives, our trials will become sweet for us. And while maybe we won’t wish for trials, but when they come we will embrace them with faith and have a better perspec tive during them. He explained this with a beautiful metaphor, as he said, “How much time do we miss waiting for the rainbow, while we could be giving thanks for the rain.” I’m not sure how accurate that quote is because it was just what I wrote down in my notes, but you guys get the point. Life is beautiful People! And after we dance in the rain, we can enjoy the beautiful rainbow that always seems to be in the sky afterwards.
So I just hope that you guys had the opportunity to watch conference! If not, I’ll invite you to watch it, you haven’t missed it yet! Here is the link: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/sessions/2014/04?cid=HPSU040614654&lang=eng Personally I liked the Sunday morning session the best! But they were all SUPER J
Also, I have a bit of exciting news! We had CAMBIOS! And I am in a new sector called Poeta Neruda, which is in the city. I’m gonna miss all of the country quirks of Quimey (especially the cows), but I am excited for this new adventure! And to make things even more exciting, my new companion is Hermana Leavitt (the other one), aka my best friend in the mission. We have wanted to be compañeras for the longest time! And luckily for us, we are going to be able to serve together for her last change in the mission! Talk about perfect timing. We get along so well, probably because she is from California too! I just love her so! I could not be more pumped to be here with her, it feels like a dream! And according to everyone it is the best ward in the mission…Hey! That’s what they told me about Quimey too- but they were right. I’ll let you know how it goes here ;)
I love you guys! I really hope that you guys are doing well. Siempre estan en mis oraciones. Let me know if there is anything that you guys need. I am here for you guys just as much as I am here for my Chilean loves. Chao until next week!
Besos y Cariño, Hermana North

Picture 1: Beautiful Autum skies

Picture 2: Blue Bell icecream...I forgot what real icecream tasted like! I ate it all in 2 days. No worries though because I bought a second pint the next day. So in love

Picture 3: The Godoy family (our reactivated loves)

Picture 4: My twin Catta :)

Picture 5: Hermana Victoria 

Picture 6: I hate packing! Too many thingssss

Picture 7: The Dominguez Cotraz family- never a dull moment with them

Picture 8: Hermana Denisse

Picture 9: Happy smiling faces after conference

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