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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

There aint' nothin wronggg‏

So after looking back at this past week with Hermana Leavitt, we saw our biggest strength in the lessons with members- this ward is so RAD! And as for our weakness of the week, we would both agree in saying that it was SLEEP! I have never been more tired in my life, well maybe I have, but this week made the top 5 most tired moments in my life- not like I have a list or anything…I’m just making a mental note. But can we please just talk about our strength real quick? People!!! I am absolutely taken back by this ward. I have only been here for a week, yet I feel like I already know AND LOVE everyone! Why? Because this ward is so involved AND interested AND excited about all the work that we are doing. The times that we didn’t have a member in our lessons this week felt weird- and I am realizing that that is how it should be. The reason we had so much success this week was because the members and the missionaries (sorry, I’m talking about me in third person) worked together.  You guys really do make the difference; in the lives of the investigators; in the lives of the inactive members; in the lives of the missionaries. And I can say that because I am seeing it change lives here in this ward. Give your love to missionary work, will you? ‘There ain’t nothing wronggg’ people J
Let me tell you a little bit about our sector. First off, we are super close with our Bishop; and when I say close, I mean it literally just as I do figuratively. He is our next door neighbor. It is super Rad living next door to him (especially when they cook us yummy late night meals). He also is super involved in the work that we are doing, which motivates the ward members to do so also. He is one of the best bishops that I have had in a while, here in Chile. On Saturday morning we had a ward temple trip. We all woke up before the sun rose to make a 6:30 AM session while the youth went to a seminary lesson at the MTC. It was so much fun! And super edifying. As for our loves, we have many. But that’s okay because we also have the forces necessary to be able to teach each one and focus on their individual needs, all thanks to the MEMBERS. Ahheemm…notice the key word People! So the work here is progressing and we are finding lots of new loves to teach as well. Our sector is BEAUTIFUL too. We have a lovely view of the Andes Mountains (I’ll attach some pictures for you to see). And I really have nothing to complain about here. My companion is absolutely amazing! I love teaching with her. We decided this week that 1.) God loves us and 2.) So does President Cook. Just because we really had lost the hope that we would get to be companions. She is leaving at the end of this change and last change she had just gotten a new companion, but the Lord (and President) love us and gave us the chance to learn from one another in making us companions. What a blessing! A much needed one.
This week I learned a lot about the importance of Knowledge; specifically in regards to the scriptures. Two questions came to mind in learning about this- First, Why should we study the scriptures? and Two, What does God expect from us as we study the scriptures? Here is what I learned:
The Lord has given us the scriptures so that we may increase in our spiritual and temporal growth (Notice that I didn’t just say spiritual: the scriptures have the answers to all of the life questions we have…just read them and you’ll see!) He desires that we might win or gain our salvation, but He also understands that we must desire that for ourselves too. Therefore, He has given us the tools that we need in order to learn and increase our desire to learn. As we ‘Feast on the words of Christ’ our understanding of the REALITITES OF ETERNITY are gained, our spirit’s grow and mature, and our personal relationship with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is strengthened. The scriptures can become our daily nourishment and need, just as breakfast, lunch and dinner is a daily need. As we learn to cherish the lessons taught in the scriptures, we will be able to be ‘Anxiously Engaged in a good cause’ because they will edify us in a way that our minds will always be virtuous- and in thinking of doing good. But in order for us to have this enrichment in our lives, we must chose to pick up the scriptures and read…or like it says in the scriptures ‘Be agents unto ourselves’. No one will spoon feed us when we are hungry- we are all adults and capable. As we grow in knowledge, we grow close to our personal salvation and can help others walk closer to the path of their personal salvation as well.  So that is the key- we read the scriptures because that is the way we will gain our Salvation. Do you want to live with God again? Well, now you know what you need to do to get there.
Life is great here in Chile. I am learning a lot every day. I hope that you all can be thinking and doing the same. Les amo!
Xoxox, Hermana North
Picture 1: I spy the Elders

Picture 2: The Cajon de Maipo lake

Picture 3: OH SO obsessed with this view!

Picture 4: A cat casually sleeping on the chair in the restaurant- that would never fly in the U.S

Picture 5: I felt like we were eating in a tree house...oh yeah, we were!

Picture 6: Early morning shananagans

Picture 7: Santiago temple

Picture 8: GIANT carrots from the south- I wanna go there someday

Picture 9: President Cook and the mission president from the East mission, throwing rocks into the lake. Boys will ALWAYS be boys

Picture 10: We found sunshine and snow!
 Picture 11: Hermana Cook and my two other loves

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