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Friday, February 22, 2013

3 going on 4 Weeks!!!

Hey! So this week marks my third week as a missionary, I´m going on four..which is so hard to believe. Half the time it feels like time goes by super fast and other times it feels like we have been here for ever! It is always so hard for me to write every week because nothing really changes. I go to class everyday, eat unfortunately terrible cafeteria food, study study study and party all night(aka until 10:30PM) with my friends. And when I say party, I mean throwing pretzels out our window to see who can get it the furthest, scheme out a plan in order to trick the people at the front desk into telling us where the MAGICAL pillow room is, hide in each others closets and jumping out to scare the sugar(or whatever other word you wanna substitute here that is missionary appropriate) out of our roommates, singing disney songs through the halls of our living quarter...you know the usual. We make sure to make the best of our time here. 
As for something new that I learned this week, well what can I say, you learn so much here everyday. The amount of spanish that I have been able to learn and actually speak here exceeds the three years of Spanish that I learned in high school. I love it! Last week we got to teach our first lesson at the TRC- the training resource center. It is where volunteers come to the MTC and we have the opportunity to get to know them better and teach real people lessons! Granted they are members, but I had such a cool experience with one lady that we taught who just moved here from Chile! She was so cute and just one of those people who glow when you look at them, so I knew I would like her from the minute that we walked into the room. She is a mom of four kids and a grandmother of five! I got to know her entire family just from the pictures that were on her phone. We got to talk to her about how important the plan of salvation is in our lives. The knowledge that we have that we can live with our family forever through living the principles of the gospel. I have such a strong testimony that we will all get to live with our families again in heaven. It is going to be such an awesome blessing and I wish I could just go right now, today. But I also know that although life can be hard sometimes, that we are here for our good and a great purpose! And we have the greatest blessing for times that are too hard to bear, the times that we miss our Heavenly Father too much. We have the gift to pray to our Him any time that we want and receive guidance from Him. Prayer has been such a blessing for me this week! Knowing that I can talk to someone who knows me perfectly and wants the best for me. We just have to be willing to come to him and talk with him, tell him about our day, the things that make us happy or the things that make us sad. Anything and Everything! He wants to hear from us. If we just have the patience to wait for answers to our prays and have the faith that he is there listening to us, we can be so happy in developing a personal relationship with him. I have been able to learn this over and over as I go through hard times or just going about my day. How can we question if he even exists or if he loves us when we look around and count all of our many great blessing! God is so good. Take care loves. I love you guys so much! Keep in touch.
xoxox, Hermana North

picture 1: All of my main people

picture 2: Winterwonderland :)

picture 3: My soul mate Hermana McKnight(middle) and personal Chef, Hermana Monroe(right)

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