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Monday, April 8, 2013

As Simple As Pie

I have officially experienced my first General Conference as a missionary!! It was such a weird feeling because it feels like only a month ago I was sitting in the last Conference when they announced that sister missionaries can now serve at age 19! That announcement has and will be a blessing to me for the rest of my life. I am so grateful to be a missionary at this time in my life. I have already learned so much and have seen so many miracles, in this work as we are obedient and work hard every day. There were so many great talks in the conference, as always, but one thing that I loved that our beloved Prophet said was ''Life is Simple, if we obey.'' It's really that simple though. In every aspect of life, in every story that we read in the scriptures and in everything we can see this truth come to life. I love how direct but inspiring those words are. I have been able to see this work especially as I serve the Lord and as I do it with an obedient heart. I am more able to help those here in San Miguel as well as see the Lord pour out His blessings and miracles to us. In every situation in life, as we obey and stay close to the Lord, having faith that is way is the BEST and trusting that He knows best, we will be happy and our lives will bring us happiness and perspective. I know this is true. We know how we need to live because Christ gave us a perfect example, now all we have to do is follow him. Yes we won’t be perfect every day, but that is why we have the Atonement. As we obey and exercise the Atonement in our lives, we will be Happy. Always.
I have to say, this week was probably one of my favorites by far. Being able to see the progress of Lalo's faith has brought me so much happiness. Like I said in last week’s entry, he is so prepared to hear this gospel. He has so many questions for us and always follows through with the commitments. He also has been reading the Book of Mormon. Last week when we were teaching him, he asked us why we still hadn't given him a Book of Mormon. (Our bad, we were unprepared in that lesson because we didn’t have plans to teach him that day) The next day we brought a Book of Mormon to his house and left him a chapter in 2 Nephi to read, about the Doctrine of Christ. (Which is Faith, Repentance, Baptism and Enduring to the End). When we came the next day to teach him, we committed him for baptism, and without hesitance, he said “Yes!” I was a little bit surprised, but then again, seeing how prepared and how much faith he has, I knew that this was right. He told us that ever since he has been reading the Book of Mormon that he has had so much peace in his life. He no longer wakes up in the middle of the night from nightmares and he shared his testimony with us of how he knows that all of that peace is the Lord guiding him and teaching him Truth. Hermana Fuentes and I always leave lessons with Lalo, feeling the spirit so strongly! We are planning to have his baptism service in May. I will keep you guys posted on him. He is so sweet, I wish you could all meet him! Really, he takes care of us so well. He tells us that we are his nietas (granddaughters). Yesterday for the last session of conference, he came with us too! I asked him at the end if he like it or if he thought it was long, and he said, ''Yeah, it was long, but I really liked it,'' with a big smile on his face. He looked so handsome too, he wore a buttoned down shirt with a tie and a sports coat. When we saw him we said, "Wow! Que guapo!" ha ha. He soaked it all in. Tomorrow we get to meet with him and have a family home evening with him because he wants to make some food for us. I am so excited; I literally cannot think of him or say his name without a smile on my face. 
I hope that you guys have a very Happy week! Keep me posted on life. Chao until next week!
xox, Hermana North

Picture 1:We named this dog Romeo, we was so cute! Just came up to me in the street and gave me his paws....must love dogs! I'm obsessed.

Picture 2: Fruit! These places are everywhere...kinda like the LDS chapels in Utah.

Picture 3: Me and my other Mexican Mama

Picture 4:Eating Conejos (Bunnys). Our Friday ritual.

Picture 5: Lalo!

Picture 6: Conference Sunday- Lalo in his Sunday Best.

Picture 7: My favorite little shop. Lucky us, its right next to our appartment

Picture 8: Isadora. Happy Birthday- un amor de persona

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