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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Short and Sweet!

Can I just say how much I LOVE the people here in Chile! This week I have felt so blessed to be in such a loving culture. To say the least, I have really embraced their love with open arms. They are such great examples to me and especially of their faith in Jesus Christ. I can not even tell you how many people I have ran into this week, in the taxi, on the metro, in the street, during lessons, EVERYWHERE, where they themselves have brought up Christ. Expressing their love for him and how much He has blessed them. I may be a missionary, a representative of Christ  but they are also missionaries teaching me and making me want to be better; reminding me of how much the Lord has given me. I love it!
This week has been a little crazy for both me and my companion. We have both been battling sicknesses, but I guess that is just a reminder to us that we are still living in the real world…even though sometimes it doesn't feel like that! Ha ha. Keep us in your prayers, we’ll be better soon!

Picture 1: Must love Dogs. Don't worry...he´s clean

Picture 2: Junior, that miracle working Dog from that one time

Picture 3: Lalo

Picture 4: In front of the Temple

Picture 5: My most favorite Chilean dish that I have tried so far, Zapallo Relleno. So Yummy!

Picture 6: Its Fall here. The leaves are so pretty

Picture 7: Our night cap with Marita! My chilean auelita 

Picture 8: Helping Isadora pack for her trip to Peru

Picture 9: A little reminder of the amazing season I missed with Sean! Hope he found a keeper and is Happy!! Yes, I am one hundred percent serious.

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  1. My name is Katie and I am also coming to Chile. I report june 5th. Right now I am trying to buy all of my clothes and shoes and I was wondering what kind of boots Sister North brought? I have been trying to decide if I should get rain boots or just stick with leather boots. Thanks for the help!