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Monday, June 17, 2013

Jumping Out Of The Comfort Zone

This week was filled with more miracles. The Lord is truly blessing us here in San Miguel. After P-day ended last week we were walking probably 500 feet from our apartment and a lady, Cecillia, came up to us crying for help. She said that she felt really alone and that she was depressed. She asked us, "What can I do?" I could not believe what was happening in the couple of seconds that I was able to take all of this in. It was a miracle from the Lord put right into our hands, right into our path- LITERALLY. We talked to her about the Atonement of Christ and then offered to pray with her. She told us that she lived right around the corner, if we wanted to go to her house and pray there. Which was just another miracle from the first miracle, because normally we just pray with them in the street. So when we went to her house, we got to learn more about her and her situation. She works enormous hours because she works at a hospital- which is the reason for her depression, she literally works and sleeps and Works again. No wonder she is so depressed! A person needs time to play once in a while. After we prayed with her, she offered a prayer as well and then she asked when we had church. Sadly her only day off during the week is Saturday. However, we promised her that is she had a real desire to go to church, that she could pray to our Heavenly Father, asking Him to bless her with the ability to complete come to church with us.

Praying for a Miracle.

We shared with her the story about the Strippling Wariors and about their miracle- How not one person in their army perished from the war because of their great faith (Alma 56 & 57). Cecillia is fully willing to have the faith and pray for this miracle. Hermana Birtcher and I are also praying hard with her. We know that the Lord will provide a way for her to complete his commandments. He always does to those who's faith is sufficient.
Along with Cecillia, we have been blessed to be able to find a lot of new familias and people to teach. It has been such a blessing, I absolutely love teaching the people here. The gospel lights me up and I can see that in the people we teach as they learn more and start to have more faith in Christ.

Hermana Birtcher and I have been finding new ways to teach the lessons to the people here too. After teaching the Restoration 50 times, it gets boring. Well…not the lesson, just the way that we teach. You know, taking turns: one person teaches about how God blessed Families and then the other person teaches about Prophets, and then the other person teaches about Christs Mortal Ministry, etc. By now I can recite to you every word in those lovely pamphlets that we use to teach (not really, but really). That has brought us closer together in our teachings as well as in our animo to teach as compaƱeras. She is such a great missionary, always trying to do the right thing and giving me ANIMO me when I get disanimated. I am so grateful for Hermana Birtcher. As you guys know, I didn't want to change companions at all. I stomped my feet the whole way through and my first day without Hermana Fuentes was so HARD on me, but the Lord always blesses me. Time and time again. And he has blessed me with someone amazing! Someone that I learn from every day. 
Some days are still hard for me, but the Lord reminds me every day of why I am here and why I love this work so much; why I can do this and endure to the end of these 18 months that I have to be “Hermana North”.

Love you tons! Quidanse
Xox, Hermana North

picture 1: Cooking empanadas in a wine barrel

picture 2: Please take note of Hermana Sonia's hott bod

picture 3: Excited to eat our empanadas

picture 4: I thought this looked artistic

picture 5: The little pasejo that Antionetta lives in. So CUTE!

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