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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Adios Amigo

Thank you for all of your prayers this week! I definitely needed them and felt the power of them in my week. It wasn’t another miracle full week like the two past weeks but it made me realize that I don’t need days filled with miracles to end the day with BIG smiles or seguir con buen animo. Hermana Birtcher also has a lot to do with making me laugh in those weak times.
This week started out with one of the most refreshing and really needed Capacitacion de Zona (Zone Conference). To be honest, I was feeling really exhausted and unexcited to work last week (even though we were seeing so many miracles in the past two weeks). The words that President King shared with us in the meeting could not have been more perfect for me in that moment. He talked about the Savior’s mission here on Earth and compared it to our mission. He counseled us to Remember the Savior in those times that we don’t feel like doing our duties as missionaries, and then shared a quote, by Elder Holland, that just hit home like nothing before:
“When you struggle, when you are rejected, when you are spit upon, and cast out, YOU are STANDING SHOULDER TO SHOULDER WITH THE PERFECT MISSIONARY that ever walked the Earth. You have reason to stand tall, knowing that Christ knows you perfectly. Be prepared to walk the path that He walked, to feel a little bit of what He felt and to shed one of the tears that he shed when he served on Earth.”
I absolutely LOVE this, LOVE LOVE LOVE it. And of course it came from Elder Holland (He’s the Man). It is so easy to forget whose work this really is and that every step that I take, Christ is taking that same step… in fact, He already did! When he served here on Earth, world peace did not exist, religious peace did not exist, and to think that He was the Prince of Peace! So if he was rejected and suffered as a missionary, shouldn’t I expect somewhat the same thing? This is everything that I needed to hear and more. Of course the trials that I face as a missionary, as Hermana North (and that you guys face at home in this CRAZY life), will have no comparison to His Earthly ministry, but like Elder Holland said, We should be prepared to at least feel a little bit of what He felt. Jesus Christ is there for us, all of his Loves, to help in times of weakness. We just need to have Faith and let Him help us, guide us, and give us ANIMO.
                Something that I have been having a SUPER hard time with this week and the week before was losing the opportunity of helping an amor of mine progress, Lalo. We had a talk with him the other week about what he was willing to do to continue progressing and learning and he decided that he wanted time to think. He told us that he didn’t want us to come teach him anymore or call him until he felt ready again. I understood and respected all of what he said at first, we all have our free agency. But as the week progressed and I couldn’t call Lalo or visit him when we passed his house, my heart broke. Over and over again. Lalo has such a huge part of my heart and it kills me to see this happening. Not so much that he doesn’t want to keep learning from us right now, but just that our friendship has been put on hold and that I am not going to be here in San Miguel forever to pick back up when he feels ready. I have been praying so hard for Lalo these past weeks. As well as for me, to have patience with him; this trial is teaching me to have faith in the Lords timing. I know that he will come around eventually, it’s just rough-
La paciencia es un don eterno.
                So that was the sad news. But as for the Hip-Hip-Hurray of my week, there were many sweet moments that I got to take part in. One of which was service with un amor, Nilda. We helped her clean her garden on her Birthday! So sweet. We sang songs, ate the sweetest oranges from her tree and took note of the inspiring words that she had to share with us. She is such an amazing person who has so much love for life and life’s trials. We also spent lots of time giving love and hugs to Cecillia. She is going through a lot right now, but she is stronger every day that she reads her Book of Mormon and develops a stronger relationship with her Father in Heaven. José is still a ball of excitement as he continues to learn the lessons. We were sad that he couldn’t come to church with us this week because got grounded, which was a funny punishment…just shows how much he loves  going to church. We talked to his mom on Sunday night and she said that she is going to start letting us teach her. Oh, and the BEST part, we found a new Family to teach- Andres, Elianna and Diego (20 años). The highlight of our week.
                I’ve got my game face back on People! No worries over here. I LOVE being here in Chile and am so grateful to have so much support and love back home. Keep up those prayers; I soaked them all up this week. I send all of my love back to you guys. Cuidanse. Chao until next week.
Xoxox, Hermana North

picture 1: Adios to our loved President King and Mama King. We get a new mission president in July!

picture 2: Hermana Rosdahl, one of my loves from the first weeks here in Chile

picture 3: The best oranges i've ever tasted
picture 4: Marita y Birtcher - Love them

picture 5: My sweet companion, leaving me little smiles of chocolate. She's seriously the BEST
picture 6: missionary 101: Dont take yourself too seriously.

picture 7: Nilda has such a cute garden

picture 8: The Birthday Girl

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