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Monday, July 29, 2013

Hermana Gothel‏

This entire week, The Chilean influenza knocked me out, I was really sick. On Monday night, I got the chills while we were teaching Cecilia, but because it was so cold outside, I just shook it off. Tuesday came and I couldn’t even get out of bed. I slept all day. Wednesday came and I was even worse than Tuesday, with crazy fevers and body aches. All my body wanted to do was sleep. I felt so bad for Hermana because she had no one to talk to, and if I was bored, can you imagine how she felt? But she was my hero because she kept me alive, giving me medicine, walking me up to eat (even though she practically had to force me) and keeping the work going by calling out investigators and the ward members. On Thursday I had high hopes of being better, but unfortunately, the crazy fevers and aches didn’t seem to go away. I started crying this day because I was so frustrated with myself. I had such strong desires to go out and work but all my body let me do was sleep- it wasn’t letting me work. I felt like the evil Queen from Sleeping Beauty had cast a spell on me!
On Friday morning, I was reading in a book called, “Our Heritage” in my studies (Yay, I finally felt okay). It made me smile as I felt the Lord comfort me in my frustrations of ALWAYS being sick, as I read a missionary experience of President Joseph F. Smith. It talked about a time when he was serving in Hawaii and “became ill with a high fever that prevented him from working for three months.” THREE MONTHS PEOPLE! I laughed at myself in that moment- Why am I such a Baby? Real life still happens on the mission, but as long as we take care of ourselves, the Lord will always find a way to have His work fulfilled in the way that he planned. So finally on Friday we got to go out and work. As we stepped outside, Hermana Birtcher started singing, “Just feel the grass the dirt just like I dreamed they’d be. Just feel that winter breeze the way it’s calling me. And for the first time ever, I’m completely FREEEE!” My poor companion, I was her Mother Gothel for the week…it was literally our first time stepping foot outside in three entire days-I thought that I was on my death bed. Well maybe that’s being a little dramatic.
One of the first loves that we went to go visit was Cecilia. By now we have taught her all of the lessons! She is so ready for her baptism. She understands the gospel principles so well; she is practically a member already with the way that she answers the questions in our lessons together. The Sprit really is teaching her and preparing her. It’s fun to be able to watch and be a part of her conversion. The only desafillo is helping her to quit smoking. I know that she will be able to do it! She has the desires to quit and so the Lord will give her strength. Last night we had a Noche de Hogar with the Familia Muñoz and they were talking about their conversion stories and one of the stories couldn’t have been more perfect for her! It was very similar to Cecilia’s situation, in that Hermano Muñoz’s dad had to quit smoking, but he was a crazy smoker, or how they say it here, “El fue muy bueno para fumar.” Hermano Muñoz said that if his dad could quit smoking that he knew it was possible for anyone to quit. Cecilia said, “If I could quit smoking, I would have been baptized yesterday.” She really wants this and she realizes the blessings that the gospel can bring into her life. I just keep telling her ¡SI SE PUEDE! As of now, she is only smoking one a day.
The last days of this week I had the opportunity to have my last lessons with my loves here in San Miguel- absolutely bitter sweet. We have cambios! I am going to be in a new sector called La Cisterna. It is actually really close to San Miguel (Probably like a 15 minute drive).  And get this; I am not freaking out this time. This past transfer, I have learned to have more faith and TRUST in the Lord’s abilities versus my own. This is His work, so as long as I listen to Him and do my best, He will help me complete what needs to be done in this new area. Along with my new sector, I am going to be a MAMA! I am going to be training a new missionary come tomorrow! And as of now, I am the only Hermana trainer in our entire mission aka the first Hermana trainer in the Santiago Sur mission! Can that go in the History books? I cannot wait to meet her. We are going to see so many miracles together. This is going to be one crazy adventure and I have NO IDEA what to expect but whatever it is, I am ready for it.
I hope that all is well back home! You guys are always in my prayers. Much love.
Xoxo, Hermana North

     picture1: Last play date with Jose and Sergio. 

picture2: Zoyla my Catholic love :)
picture3: Nildita (she made me cry, I love her too much)

picture 1: Cooking with Hermana Birtcher's new companion. She's from Nicaragua

picture 5: Super jealous that Hermana Birtcher is gonna be eating yummy food this change. Absolutely delicious, her companion is amazing!

picture 6: Go hard or go home

picture 7: I made him cry and then he made me cry and then he promised to go to church on Sunday! So worth the tears. I'm gonna miss this guy

picture 8: The bestest missionary force that San Miguel has ever seen! Go team

picture 9: Familia Muñoz one of my Favorite couples. I've never laughed harder before

picture 10: My ward mission leader and His linda wifey

picture 11: Never dull with the Hermana Sonia

picture 12: La querida Silveria y Traviesa Marita

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