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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"That's one wacked up metaphor"‏

So do you want to know something super funny about the Chilean culture regarding missionaries? They are so used to having elders run the blocks that when they see us, Hermanas, they call us Elders but in the feminine form aka “Elderas.” I can’t tell you guys how many times we get: “Hola Elderas” or “Mama, mama, it’s the misionera elderas.” At least twice a day. Half of them don’t even know that sister missionaries existed until they meet us. Maybe this new wave of missionaries going out means that in 15 years, the elders will be called Hermana Elderes…now that would be funny!
                As for my favorite missionary moment of the week…that’s a hard one! We are seriously just so blessed to be serving here in Depatamental. We have the most supportive members to help us out in lessons with our investigators and we also have some of the best investigators. We went from having zero investigators to qual quier investigador- sweets miracle from the Lord. But my most favorite is when we have the opportunity to have these sweet missionary moments spontaneously when we are walking around in the streets… looking for a place that sells empanadas.
                This week Hermana Leavitt and I ran into an inactive member in the street (even he called us “Elder”). He told us his story about why he hasn’t come to church and it was no surprise to find out that it was because of an offensive comment that another member made to him. We immediately reminded him about WHO he made his baptismal covenants with- God not the ward members. Then he said that he would come to church eventually, but that he was just waiting for a feeling from God to tell him that he needed to go back (As if two Elder Misioneras weren’t a sign big enough). We asked him what kind of feeling that he was expecting to feel and he said, “I’m just waiting to feel that thirst for the gospel, like water. Once I’m thirsty, I will drink water.” To which we responded, “So should we wait to drink water until we are dehydrated? Or should we drink water every day so that we don’t get sick.” Then he said, “Well maybe if I wait until I am really thirsty then I will appreciate the water more when I drink it” (Later Hermana Leavitt described this comment as being "one wacked up metaphor.” Ha ha). We then proceeded to teach Ceaser about the importance of doing the little things each day to stay hydrated. I told him that because he has lacked to do all of the little things, that the spirit isn’t in his life, maybe HE IS DEHYDRATED and he just doesn’t realize it because he can’t feel the spirit. This is so true in every aspect of our lives; if we aren’t living in a way to invite the spirit of God into our lives then we will never feel the spiritual promptings of God to choose the right aka to keep drinking water. I know that God loves Ceaser so much and that he wants him to come back to church and drink of the living water that Chirst has provided for us. (Wow. This is getting very figurative, my middle school English teacher would be proud). Ceaser told us that he would start to pray every day asking for the desire to come back to church.  We ot to see an automatic change, in him, within 15 minutes- favorite missionary moment.
                I hope that you guys are all enjoying football season, I sure do miss it! But on the plus side, summer is coming. YIPEEEEEEEEEE!!
Xoxox, Hermana North
picture 1: Shopping trip to Santa Lucia

 picture 2: SUBWAY! We had been craving it for a while...you don't find this kind of food just anywhere in Chile

picture 3: Always love running into our investigator Jose (middle) walking down the main street here. 

picture 4: This graffiti was a gem to find

picture 5: This was a two story carousel! 

picture 6: We found this restaurant that was just like the Hard Rock Cafe only Chilean style

picture 7: Peanut butter smores = heaven in my mouth

 picture 8: Just sitting on a drum

picture 9: Cute little almacen "Hay Pan"

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