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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We have COWS!

So...I´m in the COUNTRY!!! Seriously all of my misión dreams have come true being here in Quimey- before I got here EVERYONE told me that it was the best sector in the mission and now I am coming to realize that this is true. It is so crazy how different the city life is compared to the country side of Chile. For starters, we have cows outside of the villa where we live….yes, COWS!!! Our first day here I reminded everyone that we saw that there are cows here…also my companion thinks I am crazy because I just kept jumping up and down excitedly screaming, (with as much quiet dignity that I could muster as a missionary) “WE HAVE COWS!!!...COWS!” And get this, you can buy fresh milk any day of the week! This whole campo [country/field] thing really is so exciting for me. And along with Old MacDonald´s farm, our sector is Gigante! The other day we took a 20 bus ride just to get to a little pueblo that is part of our sector- and that isn’t even the furthest place in our sector. So we´ll never have an excuse for not having people to teach since well…there are millions and millions of house to tract.
As for my hija, she is the sweetest companion ever! I just met her and I already love her with all of my heart. Her name is Hermana Reyes (pronounced Ray-shh-es with an Argentinean accent) from Plottier, Argentina. We have been working so hard these past few days to fill up our sad empty white-wash agenda with appointments. The Lord has blessed us for our efforts because in just 3 days, we have been blessed to find 9 new investigators. I don’t think that I have taught the message of the Restoration so many times in one day, on my mission, since I got here. It is such a blessing for us because Hermana Reyes is really understanding the message and perfecting her teaching skills. She is going to be a pro after twelve weeks. She is also such an example to me for her faith and desire to be here serving a mission. She is a convert to the church of only 2 years and she is the ONLY member in her whole family. She is so strong and I know that the Lord has so many blessings in store for her and her family. Also one more fun fact, my hija likes to run!!!! Ah. You guys don’t even know how hard I have been praying for a companion that likes to run. Yay for endorphins and burning off the sister missionary weight.
Go TEAM! We are excited to get to know this sector better, to meet more loves and continue seeing the miracles that this gospel brings into the lives of those who embrace it.
So no worries over here! Life is good in the countryside. Thank you for all of your prayers.
Xoxoxox, Hermana North

picture 1: would it be going to far to try fresh cow milk?

picture 2: Outside of a members house

 picture 3: I've never been so excited to see a cow

picture 4: Country side sun sets! LOVE

picture 5: Our welcome home breakfast! The members in our ward are the BEST

picture 6: How you feed 6 missionaries. Churry Pan

picture 7: Mi casa es su Casa! We have a HOUSE. 

picture 8: Cordi- the mission´s puppy. She has a tie just like the Elders

picture 9: Coolest flower ever!

picture 10: A cute surprise on my pillow from my sweet compañiera

picture 11: green fields really do exist still...I've been deprived in the city

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