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Monday, February 3, 2014

Earth Loving and it's not even Earth Day yet‏

We have working a lot with our love Belen this week. She was out of town for a while, but I am so glad that she is back so that we can teach her and watch her testimony grow. We hadn’t seen her for about 3 weeks, so I was super surprised to hear that she has read the Book of Mormon and prayed to know if it is true (get this) EVERY SINGLE DAY since we left her that commitment. She is so faithful, I love it. We have been trying to help her recognize the Spirit confirming to her of the truthfulness of this message. I have felt it, there is no doubt in my mind, so I don’t have doubts that she will receive an answer and know for herself but she is struggling big time recognizing the sprit. She wants to feel it so bad and she told us in tears that she has never been able to feel it. She is such a solid person and I know that when she does feel it that she will be a strong member of the church, and maybe that is why it is so hard for her right now. We were talking with the elders about her situation the other night (they are working with her recently baptized parents so they know her really well) and one of the elders said that Satan knows how strong she is and how big of a blessing it would be for her and so many others if she received her conversion and so he is working so that she can’t feel that spirit. He is working in the lessons that we teach (distractions and noises in the house that take away the sprit). He is working in making her feel discouraged, etc. Hermana Tadeo and I went to the temple last week and I have to tell you, the spirit that I felt just entering the doors of the temple was so peaceful and strong! I want her to get baptized just so that she can go inside and feel that peace…but it doesn’t really work that way, so we were thinking about taking her to the temple grounds to teach her and pray with her. I think that she will be able to feel Gods love for her so strongly there; I’ve also had an experience with that. She has been in all of our prayers over here in Quimey. Everyone loves her and wants her to receive the blessings of this gospel that comes through personal conversion- she’ll get there!
Yesterday in church I taught about the Creation in our Gospel Principles class. It was so much fun! And I learned so much from (what I thought was) a simple subject. I never really realized how important the Creation of the world was for each one of us. Well obviously, it’s important because without it we wouldn’t be here….but I don’t think that we really truly understand how BIG of a blessing this world is for us. First off, everything that was created in day one through seven is for our benefit and happiness. God made sure that we had everything that we needed to be healthy and happy here on Earth, but he also gave us all of those things to make it possible for us to return back to Him in heaven. Think about it. The Earth is our path back to God. And so is Christ, his son. He not only Atoned for our sins, but also CREATED the Earth. We have a way back to our heavenly home because of Christ; He is our everything. He created the Earth. He is the creator of our faith. He is the creator of our Salvation. He is a BIG DEAL. Yeah, I know that you guys already know this…but I just thought that I would add another reason to your list of reasons to love the Lord, our Savior. He created the Earth and so, we can return to live with our Heavenly Father again. YAY Earth! This mini lesson made me realize how blessed we are to have beautiful blue skies, rain to dance in and flowers to give on Valentine’s Day (Ooo! That’s coming up soon).  So give your thanks people! And love the Earth. It’s one of our tickets to Salvation. 
“Through the operation of laws obtaining in the higher kingdom man MAY BE REACHED AND LIFTED; himself he cannot save by his own undained effort. A Redeemer and Savior of mankind, is beyond all question essential to the realization of the plan of the Eternal Father(Moses 1:39- “For behold, this is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man”) and that Redeemer and Savior is Jesus Christ.” -James Talmage
I hope that you guys enjoyed the Super Bowl this week. It’s good to know that that was the last one that I have to miss for the rest of my life. Have a great week! I hope you can notice those little creations that God has given us to make you smile.
Chao, Hermana North
p.s: Just a quick funny story. Yesterday in Relief Society, an Hermana taught us about Reverence. She started the class out by playing a song on her phone that talked about Reverence. We all felt the sprit and it was sweet how everyone was so quiet. Right as the song ended someone just so happened to call her- her ringtone was a cumbia song. The funniest part was her reaction as she grabbed her phone, ran towards the door and started yelling, “NO! No! No! I’m so sorry Hermanas, these were not my intentions. No! No! No!” hahahahaha! It was so funny. I wish you all could have been there to laugh with us. In reverence of course!

Picture 1: once with our lindo familia

Picture 2: GIANT corn

Picture 3: Pastel de choclo- a yummy summer Chilean tradition

Picture 4: Pretty skies

Picture 5: Shout out to the Alicia Park young women and Young men. Thank you guys so much for your lindo gifts! It made my day and now I have a garland of your BIG, beautiful, stylish selves that hangs over my bed. You guys are so awesome. Thanks for all of the Love and Motivation.

Picture 6: a plumb and pear mix. Tastes like Heaven

Picture 7: Our wards completo festival
["Completo" 's are a chilean hot dog] 

Picture 8:  Cheetah print nails by our love Belen

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