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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Every Little Crazy Thing in our week‏

I think that out of all of the weeks that Tadeo and I have been together, this week made the superlative of CRAZZIEST WEEK ever. So much happened and I learned a lot, so maybe I’ll just make a list:
  • The lord answers, even the little tiny things- We went over with an inactive Hermana, who we are just starting to get to know, at the beginning of the week. When we got there she was super anxious and stressed because she had lost her keys and could not, for the sake of her, find them. We started looking all over and after about ten minutes I said, “Hermana, have you prayed for help to find them?” (Something that my mama always asked me when I lost something). She said, “No” and so I offered a prayer. Literally two minutes later while we were talking she was anxiously playing with her necklace, not really paying attention to what we were saying, and she felt something heavy inside her blouse….the keys! We were all super grateful because the hermana was finally able to be tranquilla [calm] so that we could actually get to know her and teach her. So next time you lose something, don’t forget to pray for help. Even if it seems like a little, tiny thing.
  • Rastafari is more that just a culture- We were contacting in San Leon and met two super cute girlies. One of which had dreadlocks (I’ve never seen a little with dreads before- SO RAD). We asked her if we could visit her parents and she went straight to her house to get her family. When her mom came to the door I realized that the dreads ran in the family. Both mom and dad, Rosie and Jorge, had gnarly dreadlocks (Looking at them made me feel like I wasn’t in Chile anymore). We explained to them that we were missionaries of the church and that we wanted to share a message with them that would bless their family. When we asked about their religious background, Rosie said, “I’m Rastafarian.” WHAT? Never in my life have I heard of someone being of that religion. It took me at complete surprise. They told us what they believed. It all sounded a bit crazy to me…but it was interesting to hear. Look it up!
  • Sonia is not actually a member- Well, we actually still don’t know for sure; the secretary is looking that one up. This week at Leo and Pablo’s baptism, (the elder’s investigators) Sonia mentioned to us that we perform our baptisms really similar to the way that the Adventist church does theirs- by immersion (of course there is a major difference, its similar). Then later, while we were walking home Sonia said, “You know, I don’t actually think that I’ve been baptized in the Mormon Church after all.” Tadeo and I busted into laughter, again. And so did Sonia, again. It was like a dejavu. Ha ha. So instead of starting rumours, I’ll just let you know about that one when we find out.
  • Cortizone cream does not help when Chilean bugs bite- I’m dying. My body, including my elbows, is covered in bug or mosquito bites…still trying to figure out what is doing the biting. Does anyone have and tips? I’ve tried salt, cold water, hot water, and itching- nothing is helping.
  • Divisions with members = MORE TIME- I’ve know about this trick for a while now because we did divisions every week in Departamental. But ever since I got to Quimey we haven’t put in the effort to actually do it, until yesterday. Hermana Tadeo has been a little bit discouraged this week because that voice that tells all new (or old) missionaries that “this is too hard” or “you’re not good enough” had been getting to her head (I could totally relate to her because I have been there time and time again on my mission). I knew that if she could go without me for a couple hours- running the sector, directing the lessons, etc., all by herself, that she would feel capaz (capable), so we did divisions. It not only helped Tadeo, but it helped me, the sector, and the hermanas that came out with us. We all saw mini miracles and within two hours we had four lessons with members present! For a missionary those words are music to the ears. So to all of you missionaries, if you want more lessons in the week that will strengthen your loves, go on divisions with the members! And if the members don’t want to then PRAY for them, the Lord will provide a way because it is something that He wants too. And to all of you members, go on divisions with your missionaries! It will not only bless you and your family but it will strengthen your wards and help those you teach feel loved. You guys are the KEY to this work- I know this is true, You know this is true and God knows this is true. That’s why he had conveyed this message to us time and time again through a loving prophet and apostles…SO JUST DO IT. And pray for the time in your schedule to do it because I promise you that id you do, the Lord will make it possible because it is something that he wants too.

“Make the decision to do what Jesus Christ has asked us to do.” –Elder Ballard (Put you Trust in the Lord Conference talk)
            Hedder and Carlos are good to go for their baptism this weekend. They are so excited; they put together the program the other night- all hand picked by them. It makes me so happy to be able to really feel that this is what they want to do, not because of pressure by us or their parents. I know that it will forever change their lives and as they both answered, “Yes” to the last question of the pre-interview question that basically asks, “Are you 100% positive that you are ready to do this and live the gospel forever” all I could picture in my mind was them a missionaries in the future- Tender mercy for me.
            You guys are so lovely! Thanks for all of the love; it makes every day that much better! Les quiero.
Xoxox, Hermana North
picture 1: A little gimpse at San Leon

 picture 2: the entire way to our NEW investigator's house. Absolutely delicious

picture 3: We hung my camera on a tree branch and took this picture. The things you have to do to document when there are just two people- so creative!

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